Friday, June 3, 2011

major updates

Im currently a "first term" student at Red Engine. Been thinking a lot about moving onto concept design. Always wanted to do this ever since I was a highschooler but basically gave up after my entrance portfolio at Art center... why? because it was freakn hard! I now have the support of great mentors and peers and everything is pointing towards this direction. I have left the gallery and illustration world to pursue a second career in Entertainment Design. So.....with that said, here are some freshmen works.


  1. These are amazing! There are some new ones I hadn't seen before. Concept design seems to suit you so well; how else could you bust out things like this as a freshman!?!? ;)

  2. trust me when I say this... I suck. nowadays, even highschool kids are busting it out in this field! but anyways, yeah still learning so keep encouraging me :)